Is it just me? Or…

Ok first official post (who counts the intro?!!)… here it goes… is it just me or are there next to no good parenting groups at the weekends? I’m putting it out there… I’m rubbish at making mum friends, friends in general and would LOVE if there were more groups at the weekend when I’m actually off work. Also, all the social benefits for the wee man too. (Especially when you start running out of ideas for what to do at the weekend!!)

I found when I was on maternity leave a lot of groups were on during the week… great when you need out of the house. I did a few but knew there was that inevitable time limit and the clock ticking down to my return to work at the end of 6months. Now, I’m constantly on the lookout for groups that interest me and keep seeing ones that are right up my street. Great, think I… email, message, phone the organiser for more info.

‘Yes we meet on Tuesdays between 2 and 3pm… cant wait to see you there!’

Except you wont Karen cos I’m gonna be in back to back meetings from 8:30am on Tuesday.

There are even less groups for dads… or there is a general uneasiness about letting dads into that mummy sanctum of the toddler group. Derek’s fairly antisocial at the best of times without coming up against that.

Now I could set up my own group and I probably will if I ever have a second kid just so both of them get to go to things. It’s already so isolating being a full time working mum that this obvious huge gap could really help in. Finding common ground with mums who are part time/stay at home (which btw I salute you cos that is hard too!) is difficult and then not being able to socialise during the week just means the tentative friendships you made on mat leave sail away quickly.

Anyway that’s just my thoughts on this and would love to hear from other mums and dads on how they feel? What kinda weekend groups would you like to see too?

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