My Son. My World.

I’m about to get soppy. This post is about my boy.

My boy arrived screaming back in July 2017… 8lbs10oz of perfection. Isaac… the first boy’s name Derek and I agreed on. Its meaning ‘he laughs/will laugh. Laughter’. Never has a name been more apt. Such a happy little boy. His giggles warm the cockles of the coldest hearts. We are truly the luckiest.

Hes constantly changing too. One day he suddenly was a little boy terrorising the cat. Where did my baby go?

It’s truly a privilege to watch him grow though. And learn. Seeing his wee personality shine through. Bits of me and bits of Derek all mashed up into something a million times better.

Dont get me wrong… I’m not one of those mums. I know he can be a terror. The tantrums in the middle of asda. The insistence you look at the cars. Or watch a million episodes of Paw Patrol. The look of disdain (dunno where that has come.from…😒) when hes frustrated. The early wake up calls. But somehow kids make you forget that by suddenly giving you a hug or by seeing their excitement at something new.

I wouldn’t change him for the world. I’m proud to be his mummy. I hope I can make him proud to call me mum too.

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