Winging it.

Motherhood. Marriage. Life. I’m winging it… I dont even pretend I know anything. I wish I could be one of those women who have it all together. Instead I’m lucky if I get out the house in one piece. That’s life though. It’s a messy complicated thing.

The thing that’s important though is support. You gotta have your team around you. Be that your partner, your parents, your friends or a professional network. For work and life support is key. Dont be afraid to lean on them when you need to. The people who matter will be there. Unfortunately you learn pretty quick who you can rely on when you become a parent and have to say goodbye to some.

An anecdote for you… I breastfed my boy for 18months but around day 3/4 when my mum had went home and Derek and I were left to fend for ourselves, my hormones raging, the lack of sleep hitting me hard I had a full on meltdown in the kitchen. I wasnt sure I could go on. It was too hard, it was painful… I was tired. It was all I had wanted to do too though. Derek simply went ‘ if you want to stop its ok… i’m not going to tell you to keep going and I’ll still be here whatever you decide. Is that what you want?’ It wasn’t and I was determined to continue but just knowing he supported me and my choice regardless was enough. He made sure I was fed and did all the nappy changes so I could have 5 minutes to myself. He’d make copious amounts of tea which inevitably went cold. He felt a bit useless in those early days but he helped me more than he’ll ever know.

Just remember lovelies it takes a village… sometimes for raising baby but more often than not its for you.

“I’m every woman. It takes a village to make me who I am.”
— Katy Perry

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