We love IKEA… like we can easily spend the day going round getting ideas for our house and for our dream 20bed mansion with home cinema and pool. People think we’re mad when I say ‘oooo we’re off to IKEA on our day off’… they sigh and say things like ‘IKEA is hell’… ‘ugh I’d rather gouge my eyes out’…. ‘the missus and me always end up falling out when we go to IKEA’. Not us… oh no… we have another place that strikes fear into our relationship.


Now I love working on our house and am proper into DIY (thanks Dad). Derek is not. He painted Isaac’s nursery. Did a fab job too. But he generally leaves the putting up shelves and such to me (because I’m a perfectionist who likes to do it herself and gets annoyed he’s not done it right. In other words a nightmare when it comes to DIY. He wanted to make sure that was clear!)

We go to B&Q and this difference become apparent quickly. He schlepps around behind me with a face like thunder as I go ‘oooo we could get this paint for the living room’ or ‘just need to find a bit of wood for this’ or ‘I’ll just be out in the garden bit looking for plants (when we’d just nipped in to get a plug for the sink)’

Needless to say he gets pissed. I get ratty or stressed cos I cant find what I’m looking for and hes being as much use as a chocolate teapot. The arguments ensue and we end up walking out either with nothing we went in for or less idea of what we need for the next step in our house improvements.

We’re in the middle of doing our living room right now. I’m pretty sure there’ll be several more trips and arguments in B&Q before it’s done and we move onto the next project. Here’s hoping it doesn’t end in divorce!

Will be sharing pics and such as it progresses. Wish us luck!

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