Working Mum Life

Its Sunday night and writing this while Isaac eats his second attempt at dinner (the first was thrown on the floor without a bite taken), Derek’s at work and I’ve stuck on a repeat of ‘Modern Family’ – love that show so much. Once Isaac’s finished it’ll be upstairs to get ready for bed and then dinner for Derek and me before our bedtime quickly comes round. The weekends are over too quickly. Back to work tomorrow, Isaac’s got one of his days at nursery and Dereks got his shift.

I couldn’t be a stay at home mum… I’ll put that out there right now. Hats off to those who are. But on sunday nights faced with the majority of the week away from my boy again I am a teeny bit jealous. Its hard knowing I might miss things. Luckily he’s kept most of his firsts for times when we are both there. I get the guilt that I don’t spend enough time with him.

Coffee is a must at work.

We’re incredibly lucky that we can afford Derek to stay at home with him so he gets one of us the majority of the week and it made the transition back to work a lot easier knowing he was with his daddy.

I do tend to overcompensate when I’m here with him. I’ll buy him the new toy car. I’ll let him run riot up and down the hall. Then wonder why he’ll push my limits when I try and say no… I’ll learn one day.

Tips for coping?:

  • Preparation. I make sure I have his outfit prepared so I feel more a part of his day. I have stuff for work prepared so we have the extra minutes in the morning before I have to run out the door
  • Pictures. From the minute I leave the house I start harassing Derek for pics and what they are doing. I like to see his smiley face. Again it makes me feel like I’m there.
  • Bedtime. I try and be home early enough to give him a kiss goodnight and his milk. If I’m not it’s like a huge part of my day is missed. Derek knows how upset I feel if I don’t get home for some reason.
  • Make the most of the time you are home. Day trips, cuddles on the couch, all the little things that you’d do if at home.

Its hard but coming home to him and him rushing to give me a cuddle makes it a bit easier. (And getting a hot drink when I’m in the office!). I do it for him, I hope he’ll know that.

Cuddles at home time!

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