Toddlers: Savages

Isaac is your typical toddler.

I’d looked forward to him toddling about. Playing games. Going to soft play. The swing park. I’d forgotten about the tantrums… a massive part of toddlerhood.

95% of the time hes a dream. Then there is that 5%. The meltdowns in Asda or Tesco. The lying on the floor screaming. The planking as you try to get him into the car seat. The daring to give him the meal he loved last week…

People say the baby stage is the hardest but toddlers are savages. I miss putting him down and him still being in the same place! I cant wait to see what kinda little boy hes going to be though! Just might be a bit rough for the next wee while…

I can see the frustration when hes kicking off. Hes trying to communicate and annoyed that we aren’t getting it. Hopefully with more words coming through he’ll get less tantrummy…

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