If you like Pina Coladas…

‘and getting songs stuck in your head’…

Sorry I was thinking about holidays, which led to thoughts of cocktails on the beach…. ‘and getting caught in the rain’

I haven’t been on a proper holiday (sunshiny, away from the gloom and greyness of the North East of Scotland) in a loooooong time. I’ve been on business trips and some city breaks. But my last proper sunshiny holiday… jings it was probably Florida before I met Derek.

We got married in October. Both our holiday entitlements run from March to March so we decided that we’d plan a big special honeymoon when we had more holidays to use probably in the April or May the following year. But I discovered I was pregnant the week after we’d said ‘I do’. So the idea of sipping cocktails by an azure blue sea and pink sunsets was put on hold. After all whats the point of mocktails when on holiday?!!

So now I’m planning maybe a 5year anniversary holiday blowout/late honeymoon… wonder if the Maldives have a good kids club?!

Image result for cocktails on the beach
where i want to be right now….

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