Where’s the Cotton Wool?!!!!!

I’m a clumsy person. Derek is also pretty clumsy. In the first year in the house I fell down the stairs… bruises and cuts but nothing broken (for the record I’ve never officially broke a bone). Exactly a year later Derek did the same. I’ve walked into door handles and tripped over a flat surface. Derek’s bashed his head numerous times and come back from nights out with bruises from falling over (some of that may have been alcohol induced). Anyway, we be clumsy.

Needless to say Isaac is following suit…

Sporting one bruise of many…

As a first time mum I was not prepared for this. At all. Every time he falls over I feel my heart rate double. I am pretty sure I will soon know the A&E department staff by name. His incident book at nursery is already pages long. Always jump when my (personal) phone rings at work in case its Derek or the nursery saying that something has happened to him. Again. I would happily just keep him wrapped up in cotton wool in his room with soft toys.


I cant.

Not because its not possible. Pretty sure it could be done. But, that wouldn’t be fair. Isaac loves being outside, climbing, running, jumping, dancing or rough-housing with his wee friends. He lives for it. Hes not happy sitting still. He was desperate to walk from the minute he realised he could use his legs to stand up. And I wouldn’t stop that for the world. His flame burns brightly and that’s how its supposed to be.

Me… I’ll never get used to him hurting himself. I’ll do everything I can to stop it but know its all part of him growing up and learning. And I’ll be right on hand with cuddles, ice packs, plasters… the whole she-bang as and when needed! And I suppose I should brush up on my first aid skills too!

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