Saturday Night at the Movies… 2035

I love going to the cinema. Derek and I went on our first date to see a film. Before Isaac arrived we’d go as often as possible. We’d also have movie nights at home. We have piles of Blu-Rays and DVDs. We rarely missed any of the ‘big’ releases. Star Wars, Marvel, DC, The Hobbit, Disney, Fantastic Beasts…. the list goes on.

Since Isaac arrived I think we’ve been twice… maybe three times.

A night out at the cinema now involves months of planning as our ‘village’ aren’t just round the corner. The thought of going to one of the baby friendly screenings fills me with dread… I cant imagine anything worse to be honest and would rather just wait til the DVD was released.

You know what though… its a proper treat when we do get to go. It makes it a bit more special. Like date night plus! Until Isaac is older and can either come with us to ‘proper’ cinema then we’ll make do with movie nights on the couch and our wee treats once or twice a year. They’re pretty nice too.

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