Lets Go Outside

“If you can’t be in awe of Mother Nature, there’s something wrong with you.”

Alex Trebek

Spring has finally sprung and looks like summer is going to be good.

I love getting out of the house. Getting outside in general. The main reason I picked our house was because it came with a garden. I loved the idea of just sitting out on a summer evening with a glass (or two) of wine.

We never got much use of the garden the first year in the house between letting the house settle and planning our wedding it was last on the list. The second I was very pregnant and then very new mum so it was left again. Finally last year I got to work on it (Derek doesn’t know much about gardening) and its started to resemble the garden I want.

This year now that Isaacs a bit bigger he likes to get outside and play on his slide and run around after the dog. I’m looking forward to this summer and making lots of memories out there. Going to make it more of a space for him too with outdoor toys (and probably a car of some form!).

Getting outside is so important for kids and us too. They can learn so much about nature and how the world is. I try and get out for a walk with Isaac every weekend when I’m home… unless its bucketing and super windy because he just cries at that scene. I’m always looking for new ideas to do with him outside too so please drop me a comment or a message if you have any!

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