I’m writing this on a week night waiting on a call from work. I’m ill and tired. So tired. I never got home early enough for Isaac’s bedtime so never got to see him today apart from Dereks updates. I am not in a good place.

Days like these, the ones where you can breathe from the stress, have become rarer. Thankfully. However, when all I want is to get a cuddle from my boy, which makes everything better, and I cant…. well it makes me so sad.

I’ve had to learn how to deal with stress. My job is high pressure which I mostly enjoy/need. A deadline, a target… you need that pressure and stress. However, switching off can sometimes be difficult. So these are the things I do…

  1. Computer off means off. Unless I’m on call or have something to finish off my computer stays off when I get home. A 5 minute check of the emails always ends up being half an hour of replying, just doing another 5 minute job and before you know it. If its important/urgent the phone will ring then I can get the computer fired up.
  2. Have a bath/shower… a few minutes of just peace. Generally shattered by Isaac or Derek running in.
  3. A walk. Fresh air… so important. It helps me clear my head and switch off.
  4. A cuddle on the couch – a reminder whats important.
  5. Good food.
  6. Laughter with my boys. Both make me smile. They know how.
  7. Exercise, even if its just half an hour in the gym. Its just like getting a walk. I struggle to get to the gym at the moment and its definitely telling.
  8. Writing – just getting the rant out sometimes helps!

As it was my evening improved… just starting to write helped get the grump out. I still missed my boy but got all the cuddles the next morning. ❤

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