Mummy’s Going Out Out

This weekend I’m off to a hen do. I’m so excited but also apprehensive… its two nights away from Isaac. Derek’s taken his days off to be here with him and take him to nursery but still its the longest I’ll have been away from him since he was born. Still if I’m not there when he wakes up how is he going to react?!!

Then there is the just going out out part. I’ve had a few nights out since he was born but I’ve been very aware that I have to be up early next day or potentially feed him when I get home.

Finally there is just how I feel in myself. I’ve not lost that 4stone… I haven’t got rid of the mum tum and my hair is still wild. Before pregnancy I’d have just embraced the unknown but now I’m so unsure in myself. What will I wear… what if everyone laughs at me… what if…. what if….

Its going to be a riot… I’m sure of that. But having all these pre days out thoughts are new and going to take some getting used to! And shutting them up will take some time too. Going to enjoy the ‘nights off’ from being mum!

Now the important part… what to pack? And where is the wine?!!

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