Sleep when the baby sleeps…

I hate that expression. I hated it even more when I became a mum.

Isaac never napped during the day. He would sleep well at night (bonus!) but during the day he had a serious case of FOMO.

People used to say ‘oh you’re so lucky he sleeps’ Yes I was but here’s the thing people didn’t get… it was exhausting…. I was either feeding him or entertaining him. I couldn’t do anything during the day. The house was a mess, I was a mess. I loved getting to bed in the evening but I was barely functioning during the day.

Then there were the nights where he didn’t sleep. He was up all night. Wanting fed all night then no naps during the day. they hit me hardest of all.

I ended up in a lot of sleep debt.

I’d never change the getting a good nights sleep but when he finally started taking the day naps it was a game changer. I was able to tidy up, wash, hang up washing, prepare dinner… nap. I’m not much of a napper though which is where part of the problem lies. Maybe hes taking after me a lot more than I realise. Anyway, it made me feel like a functioning human again just being able to do little things again and made the sleep at night better because my mind was clearer.

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