Hubs and Me: A Partnership

Derek and me met at a Halloween Party. I only knew one person so was a bit quiet. I’m not very good at house parties. Derek was the loudest person there and made the effort to talk to me. I found him funny and cute. I had no idea what he was dressed up as.

Two weeks later I went to another party… well it was a cabaret evening thing. He was there. That was it. Just shy of a year later he moved from Glasgow into my one bed flat in Aberdeen. At 18months we were engaged. At 2.5year we moved into our home. At 3 years married. By first anniversary we were knee deep in parenthood. This year in October we’ll have been married 3years. I’m not sure where that time has went.

Now I’m not gonna give any advice on relationships because we are faaaaar from perfect but we are a partnership. We bounce off each other and fill the gaps the other cant.

We had to step this up a notch when Isaac arrived. We have similar views so that part wasn’t an issue. We had new roles though that neither of us knew. Mum and Dad. We were still figuring out Husband and Wife!

If we didn’t have our partnership we’d have failed by now. I’m sad he’ll cheer me up. I’m tired he’ll give me a long lie. He’ll be fun, I’ll be strict. And vice versa.

That’s not to say it doesn’t take work. We have to find time for the two of us. Even if its just a cuddle on the couch when Isaacs in bed. We’re still Lesley and Derek and still husband and wife. Mum and Dad aren’t all we are.

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