A day in the life… (mum’s)

5am-6am: Mummy, daddy… its your wake up call. Let me tell you all about the night. Snoring from hubs continues until the crying and shouting starts and he gets an elbow to the ribs.

6:05am: Work alarm goes. *hit snooze*

6:35am: Drag myself out of bed. Get ready for the day, sort out the boys clothes, can hear the banging and screaming coming from downstairs.

7:05am: get downstairs. Usually greeted by porridge covered Isaac, dozing Derek on the couch and cat meowing at me to fill her bowl.

7:15-7:25am: I leave. This can take a good ten minutes. Goodbye from the boy or clinging to my leg screaming because he wants to come with me. Trust me son… you don’t.

8am/8:15am: morning meeting at customer with a hot coffee (bliss). Usually a message to Derek to remind him to do X, Y and Z and to send me pictures through the day.

work views

8:30-10am: Depending on meetings I then actually head to the office, giving Derek a call on the way (hands free!!). Isaac screaming or saying hello in the background before abruptly saying ‘bye!’

10:15am-ish: breakfast.

10:15am-Noon: Emails, reports. more hot coffee. broken up with pictures and messages from Derek.

Noon-1pm: lunch break. A walk on a nice day, or more work if busy or catching up on the news. more messages and pictures from Derek. Sometimes manage to fit in a call too. He’s usually getting Isaac his lunch and giving the house a tidy when I do phone.

typical update

1pm – 3pm: work. meetings. hot drinks.

3pm-ish: Often, a video call from Derek or another spate of pictures/videos. This depends completely on how much of a terror Isaac is being!

3pm-5pm (on a good day): work. meetings. hot drinks.

5pm-5:30pm: On my way home! Derek usually has prepared Isaacs dinner for 5pm.

5:30pm: HOME!! Depending on whats for dinner Isaac is either running up and down the hall and comes running for a cuddle (the best welcome home ever) or is tucking into it!

excited for dinner

5:45pm: I sort out his night bottle, head upstairs, sort out his pjs, bed, and go for a bath and changed into my comfy clothes (mum uniform usually of leggings and comfy hoody/jumper).

me time

6:00pm-6:30pm: Dinner finished, Derek brings Isaac upstairs where he sometimes comes in fir a bath with me or gets his teeth brushed and ready for bed.

6:30pm-7pm: Isaac switched off the hall light and I hand him his bottle, kiss good night and off he goes waving and shutting his bedroom door where Derek gets him into his cot before heading back downstairs.

ready for bed!

7pm-10pm: Dinner, tv, games/writing, cuppa tea and bed for me. Ready to go again in the morning.

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