What I’ve Learned…

Raising Kids is part joy and part Guerilla Warfare
– Ed Asner

There are lots of things I’ve learned as a mum. I could list them all. The main one is no matter what… the minute you think you have it all figured out…. your kid will change the playing field, the game, the rules….

Never take anything for granted. ‘Oh he’s sleeping 6hrs straight’ BAM! waking every hour. ‘oh he loves broccoli’ BAM! on the floor it goes. ‘he’s such a happy wee thing’ BAM! teething and tantrums.

Embrace the madness that comes with kids though. The constant change keeps you on your toes. It is fleeting.

Isaac never fails to amaze me, baffle me, confuse me… its a constant learning curve parenthood. Just watch out for those ‘quiet’ moments……

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