A Relaxing Child Free Day…

What is that?!

Derek and me live away from most of our family/support. Therefore we rarely get child free time together (or separately for that matter as its usually only working in the free time!). So you’d think that when we are sans Isaac we’d have all the time to do stuff, relax, nap… except we don’t.

Typically my Fitbit step-count goes through the roof on these days. I rarely sit still and spend the day catching up on housework (because who can tidy with a toddler?!!), errands I cant do while at work, the gym, gardening, shopping… the list is endless. If Derek is also off we want to do things together we don’t usually get the chance to – DATE DAYS!! By the time I’ve got a minute to stop/relax/catch up on a boxset, its usually time to get the boy again.

However, I’ve found that even though the days are rammed no matter what I feel a million times better. I’ve got stuff done, I can relax if I want to as there isn’t a to-do list a mile long. I can be in the moment completely with Isaac when he comes back rather than stressing about the things that I haven’t been able to do while at work. We get to spend some quality time as a couple without one of us chasing a toddler around. I wouldn’t change our lives for the world but these rare truly child free days are good for the soul.


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