Just keep swimming

Exercise. Ugh. I’ve never enjoyed exercising apart from swimming. I’ve tried multiple things; PT, HIIT, zumba, online videos….

I can only conclude I dont like it. However… I do love the feeling I get afterwards and want to get to the gym as often as possible (usually rare at the moment with work commitments!). It helps me clear my head and switch off but man it’s such a chore together myself out to do it!

I want to instill a love of exercise and sport in Isaac. Show him the health benefits and keep him active. So far hes all about being outside and running about. Hes even started taking an interest in a football. I hope when hes a bit older he will enjoy some football or rugby training. And hes a natural when it comes to the pool!

It’s so important that kids are active. It keeps them healthy without focusing on negatives (being fat, eating rubbish etc). I hope that he’ll have a better relationship with food and exercise than I have!

Me… I’ll keep swimming and fitting in those gym sessions where I can!

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