Trial run #1

So as you may or may not have seen, I went away last weekend for a hen party for a wonderful friend. Derek and me dropped Isaac off at nursery on Friday morning and then I flew down south and didn’t return til after midnight on the Sunday. This was the longest I’ve been away from Isaac since he was born and the first trial of longer period away before the two weeks in USA later…

view from my weekend away

He was absolutely fine. Derek picked him up on Friday evening, they enjoyed the sunshine out the back garden, had a couple of video chats, he asked where I was a few times and was surprised not to find me in bed etc but he was generally unfazed by my absence.

Enjoying the sunshine

I missed him terribly of course but had an awesome time (although suffered from too much prosecco and lack of sleep!) and I got the biggest hug when he woke up on Monday morning and discovered I was back.

However… since I got back its been a bit of a struggle… hes been super clingy, waking really early, throwing tantrums at Derek, not wanting to go to nursery (and crying when I leave him). Generally nothing like his usual smiley sociable self.

As the week has progressed he’s improved and realised that I’m not abandoning him and I do come back when I leave him again. A learning curve for us all and maybe need to have a bit of time off after the two weeks I’m away to remind him who mummy is!

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