Family Time

Family time when you’re a working mum is precious. Derek and me don’t get a lot of opportunities to spend time together with Isaac. We get every second weekend (usually… depends on Derek’s shifts) and an hour max in the evenings before his bedtime.

This means that I want to cram as much in as possible on those weekends we do get. It usually involves some catching up on errands, food shopping, seeing friends where possible but I insist we also do something that Isaac will enjoy (although he does love riding around in a shopping trolley!).

This weekend past we went to the Winter Gardens here in Aberdeen. This let us wander around looking at the amazing flowers and water features (which Isaac enjoyed too). grab a coffee and a babycino for Isaac, then fun on the swings in the park outside (daddy enjoyed them too!). It was totally chilled and just what the 3 of us needed after a busy Saturday building up Isaac’s new bed and me being away the weekend before.

We had actually planned to go swimming but Isaac slept later than usual, (no complaints there!) which meant a massive rush if we wanted to make the family session. I think the walk around the gardens was just the ticket instead.

Dereks working this weekend so it’ll just be me and Isaac again. Will start planning our next weekend and proper family time then! Always looking for suggestions too so drop me a message if you have any good ones!

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