A Day In The Life (Dad)

*dictated by Derek (stay at home dad, gamer and streamer – Dad Plays Stuff on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook)

5am-6am: Mummy, daddy… its your wake up call.

6am: Swift elbow to the ribs from the missus. Apparently the boy is awake. I drag myself out of bed and retrieve boy and take him downstairs. Wife goes back to sleep

6:05am: Her work alarm goes she hits snooze about a million times. I make up some milk and porridge for Isaac who proceeds to throw it everywhere. I sometimes make myself a cuppa. I put on Cbeebies and lie on the couch for a few minutes more sleep.

6:35am: Wife is up… she potters about upstairs getting ready for work and usually setting out his clothes for the day ahead.

7:05am: She comes downstairs. Isaac (covered in porridge) starts whinging at her to get out of his high chair – she usually lets him… he immediately comes over and smacks me to get off the couch.

7:15-7:25am: Wife leaves. She insists on a kiss but she doesn’t get out the door for ages as Isaac sets up a road block.

7:25am – 7:45am: Upstairs to get him out of pjs/clean of porridge and into his day clothes.

7:45am-8:45am: Back downstairs for a cuppa and getting all the animals fed and watered. Isaac sometimes helps but more often hinders. He plays with his cars.

8:45am-11:30am: TV, play, stories, outside play.

11:30am-Noon: Start making lunch. Isaac helps (or hinders). Tell him what I’m making so he learns the words.

Noon-1pm: lunch break and tidy of house while he’s eating.

1pm – 3pm: nap. Game and make videos while he sleeps.

3pm-4:30pm: Garden or outside for a walk if the weather is nice. Let the rabbits run around. Stop Isaac from squishing them with his love!

4:30pm-5pm: Start dinner prep. Isaac helps again.

5pm-5:30pm: Isaac has his dinner. Finish off any tidying that is needed and editing while I can.

5:30pm: Lesley is home. Boy is always excited to see her and usually covered in dinner or its all over the floor.

5:45pm: Wife sorts out his night bottle, heads upstairs, sorts out his pjs, bed, and goes for a bath while he finishes dinner.

6:00pm-6:30pm: Dinner finished, take Isaac upstairs where he sometimes depending on dinner/ the day its been he goes in a bath or gets his teeth brushed and ready for bed.

6:30pm-7pm: Isaac switches off the hall light and Lesley hands him his bottle, kisses him good night and he waves and shuts his bedroom door where I gets him into his bed.

7pm-10pm: Dinner, tv, games/writing, cuppa tea and bed for Lesley.

10pm-??: Me-time. Edit videos. Game some more. Live stream. More video footage. Then leave the editing running when I go to bed.

Note: Lesley messages about a million times a day for pictures and updates. She also usually phones mid-morning when driving to office from meetings (handsfree!).

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