Why I Take Fridays Off

Hello… sorry I’ve been MIA for the last week. Its been stressful to say the least but reminded me why I sometimes need to take some time out. So here is why….

Derek still works part time, twice a week and a couple of weekends a month. His days at work are set on Mondays and Fridays. On these days because I work full time Isaac goes to nursery, which means he gets some new experiences and social interactions. This had been important to me as I don’t want him to miss out on things like that before school.

Anyway… Mondays and Fridays are busy. Super busy. All up early doors so I can get organised for work and then drop Isaac off (sometimes Derek too), work during the day and then more often than not, I have to pick Isaac up and get him fed and in bed before I get my dinner and Derek is home late. Pretty exhausting all in.

Mondays are the start of the week so know I’m going to probably get more stresses as the week goes on, so Fridays are my day off from here to allow me to decompress after the working week and the craziness of the day. Usually it gives me at least an hour where I might write or watch trashy telly or scroll through my phone. It sets me up nicely for the weekend and it means I can gear up for the week ahead.

Last Friday showed EXACTLY why I need these days off and what happens when I don’t.

It started off like most Fridays… I had to drop off Isaac and hot foot it to a customer meeting. Isaac didn’t want to go to nursery on Friday. He clinged to my leg like a limpet and screamed when I left… that broke my heart. I just made it to the customer call and day went on like usual with some last minute jobs causing stress but nothing I hadn’t dealt with before. Derek went off for his shift at lunchtime. All seemed normal.

I went to pick up Isaac… he didn’t want to get in the car. Tantrums and tears… all the way home. We get home I open our front door and see the puddle…. the dog had peed on the floor. Not unheard of but I had to clean that up before Isaac ran into it! Dealt with that and then sorted out Isaacs dinner and sat down for a bit while he ate that. Let the dog back in now floor was dry…. she threw up under his chair… so I cleaned that up (while trying not to throw up myself) and phoned Derek as it was a bit out of odds and she was looking a bit wobbly and like she’d lost weight. Took Isaac up to bed and got him down eventually… he doesn’t like me leaving the room til he’s asleep so it took a wee while. On getting back downstairs discovered more pee on the floor. AAARGH….. cleaned up, made dinner and at this point Derek came home. She was looking mightly sorry for herself at this point but still eating and drinking. She then threw up again. Derek stayed up a bit later to keep an eye on her and both thought it was maybe something she’d eaten. So no rest on Friday night… more stress.

It got worse… more pee in the morning, she was weaker too. She threw up several times on the Saturday, and peed on the floor some more. Derek was unfortunately working all weekend. Sunday there was improvement but weather was awful so we were trapped in the house. We decided to get her to the vets on the Monday as although she’d improved she was very wobbly and stiff. Turns out her diabetes is back after nearly two years being well. Then her joints are getting stiff due to her age. She needed some treatment and she’ll probably be on insulin for the rest of her days now so all sorted on that front. It was however the weekend before payday so that hit the bank accounts hard. The rest of the week hasn’t been much better… several things have been trying to say the least. And not caught my breath at all.

Thankfully the week is now over. I’m writing this on Friday night with a glass of wine. Dereks just home and despite him working this weekend I feel there might be a silver lining somewhere soon. Hopefully normal service will resume now too!

How I usually spend Fridays!

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