Tea & Toast

I’ve been awake since before 5 today (sunday). I’m now sitting with some coffee and toast for my breakfast while isaac munches on some weetabix and mango. With ‘Hey Duggee’ in the background of course. After a bit of a wrestle to change his nappy it’s been a nice calm morning so far.

I decided to just have some toast and butter this morning because I just wanted something comforting. I’m run down and would ideally still be in bed but here we are. Anyway, it reminded me of tea and toast after giving birth. The best tea and toast ever.

I’m not a massive lover of bread (shocking right?!!). It tends to bloat me and make me feel sluggish so I tend to avoid it. However, I have spells where it’s just the thing.

My mum had told me the toast after birth would be the best thing ever. I wasnt convinced. I mean it’s just toast. I do love tea though so was all set for some of that but I didnt realise how much that toast was needed!

There is a massive comfort factor in tea and toast. I realise that now. It’s not exciting at all but sometimes it’s just what you need. After birth you want a bit of ‘normality’. I’ll never underestimate the power of tea and toast again!

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