Wait a minute…. I’m a mum?!!

Isaac’s 2nd birthday is just over a month away now. I still have moments where I cant believe I’m a mum now.

Derek and I were talking about this at the weekend. We are amazed by Isaac everyday and remark about how lucky we are but there are times we go ‘omfg I’m a parent… I have to keep the tiny human alive!’

I presume there is a time when you just dont think about that anymore… like it starts to feel that it’s how it’s always been and although the responsibility doesn’t go you feel a bit more ‘on it’ or am I always going to be on the odd occasion going ‘oh crap I’m a mum I need to sort this sh*t out!’

Maybe im just a bit of a scatter brain though Haha! How long can I blame baby brain?!! 2years old is still baby-sit right?!!

Tiring but worth it. #parenthood

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