It’s time for the chop

FINALLY!! I finally got booked into the hairdressers yesterday. It’s been a good few months since my last haircut!

In the chair…

I have really thick hair. Like ridiculously thick. This is both a blessing and a burden.

When my hair gets to long its unruly. I cannot do a thing with it. It’s been in a mum bun or ponytail for weeks as if I try and do anything else with it I end up looking like a scarecrow within minutes. When its warm (on those rare Scottish summer days!) Its horrible… it clings to my neck, it feels so heavy on my head and I just feel disgusting and sweaty.

It also gets EVERYWHERE. In our house the Hoover has to contend with dog hair, cat hair and my hair. We’re on our third vacuum cleaner already. When the post partum hair loss started it was like tumbleweed around the house. Massive clumps just came out whenever I touched it.

Needless to say I feel a million times better now its cut. It’s a small thing but makes a world of difference to me when its cut. Just need to get it dyed a better colour than it’s current mousey root stage but that’s a weekend job for me! Definitely been worth the wait!

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