Lovely weather

Its June. Where is the sunshine?!!! Yes I’m being very British and talking about the weather but come on wtf?!!

I am one of those people who generally dont mind the rain when I can chill on the couch with a blanket, snacks and cheesy tv/film. I also dont mind going out for an walk in the rain when I’m all prepared with waterproofs etc. However I hate this weather we’re having right now.

Its foggy, its warm, it’s raining and windy and it can never make up its mind what it’s doing so more often than not I am woefully under prepared and not dressed accordingly. That’s my first annoyance.

Secondly my son does not like the wind… at all. He’ll happily jump in puddles and mud but if he senses any wind he’s climbing up on me for protection… this results in me being covered in mud etc. Also it’s not much fun trying to keep a kid entertained in this weather when he wants to be outside all the time!

Anyway that’s a wee bit of a rant for today. Mother nature get it sorted! I want to get outside and enjoy myself again!

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