Taking time for yourself is crucial when you’re surrounded by people all day.

Kaia Gerber

So going by my posts recently you’ll all know I’ve been so busy and stressed. This last week has been no different and I’m now at a point where I’m just wiped out. I’m not quite burned out but if it continues much longer then I think I’ll get there and I really dont want to get to that stage.

Instead im taking back control. I’m pressing reset. This post is for accountability.

I will take 5mins if I’m feeling the anxiety rising.

I will get outside and clear my head.

I will not feel guilty for doing something that will help me.

I will be open about it all.

I will not beat myself up.

Now this wont magically fix all the busy work, home stuff and the stresses will still be there but if I take the time I need and do anything small it’ll stop me getting to that burned out stage. It’ll get me to the time where I can get a proper break, whenever that may be.

I hope to continue writing as it helps clear my mind. However it may comes in fits and burst for a while. And may be a bit of a ramble as I try to figure out what is going on in the jumbled up mess of my mind at the moment!

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