Shopping. With a toddler.

We’re off to a wedding in a few weeks. Really looking forward to it. Isaac’s staying with his uncle so will have a chance to let our hair down. It’s also meant I have an excuse to go shopping for a new outfit, shoes, bag etc! YAY!!

I bought a dress online but as my feet are weird I knew I’d need to go try shoes on before buying. So as I’m in work all week this was going to be a weekend job. Not an issue thought I however, Derek’s been working every weekend or I’ve been on call. So the bride to be and I made plans to go in yesterday so I had someone there to keep an eye on Isaac while I tried something on.


Isaac’s now at a stage where he refuses to go in a pram. However, usually will walk happily holding my hand or want carried. It started out well. Then it all went a bit wrong. He would scream if I tried to hold his hand, scream if I carried him, screamed if i put his reins on. He’d run off. He’d pull everything off the shelves. I got quite the workout chasing him around.

Somehow I managed to get most of the things I needed and we had a lovely lunch but i definitely will be doing clothes shopping sans toddler in future. He’ll be left at home with Daddy while mummy has some girly time!

My face after yesterday

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