Ten Little Dinosaurs

‘Ten little dinosaurs hatching from their eggs….’

That line is the first line of Isaac’s current favourite book. Called… you’ll never guess… ‘ten little dinosaurs’.

One thing I really looked forward to when I became a mum was reading to my child and teaching them to read. Bedtime stories, trips to the library and scouring the book shops for our next new favourite book!

In preparation I’ll admit I bought quite a few books, including ‘ten little dinosaurs’. Board books, peekaboo books, pop up books and noisy books!

Isaac arrived and he was not interested. At all.

I’d sit down to read him a story and he’d cry. Or he’d slap the book out my hand. Or throw it away.

Then one day I picked up a noisy book about cars and trains. This combination got him interested. He didnt care about the story or wanted it read to him but he enjoyed pressing the buttons. It drove us daft.

However, eventually he let us read the story, while pressing the buttons at the appropriate part. He went to the library with nursery and they started reading books to him and the other kids.

Suddenly he wanted to be read to and he was handing us books.

The ‘noisy vehicles’ was the main one for a while, then he enjoyed some of the ‘never touch a monster/dinosaur’, then a big numbers book, ‘that’s not my….’ but then he picked up ‘ten little dinosaurs’. I never got past the first page before. Now he shout ‘raaaar’ as he grabs it and points to the chair telling me to sit down.

I now know ‘ten little dinosaurs’ by heart. As does he I think. But I love our bedtime routine and how it now incorporates some reading together. Maybe he’ll be a book worm one day too! I love seeing his excitement when the story starts and him acting out alongside the story. His language has come on leaps and bounds too since he let us introduce him to more stories. I cant wait to see what other books we discover.

Til then….

Ten little dinosaurs all say ‘rooooooar’

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