I love clothes but I am by no means a dedicated follower of fashion. I know what I like and I know what I dont.

Since becoming a mum however I’ve lost my way a bit. My body shape has changed, as well as being a few stone heavier than I’d like, so I’m finding it hard to find things in my wardrobe that 1. Fit and 2. Look good. So I have been picking up the odd pieces when out shopping to try and get some other clothes that aren’t leggings and hoodies.

Summertime has to date been the hardest time for me clothes wise. Last year I was still feeding Isaac so anything with easy boob access was a winner but I cant later up and hide the bumpy bits the same as I can in the cooler months so i feel very vulnerable. All my summer stuff in the wardrobe that fits now was from my pregnancy and was great for a bump but not so much the saggy mum tum.

Saying that however this year I’m feeling a lot more confident. Yes I’m still heavier than I’d like to be… that’s a work in progress… and yes there are some things I’d love to wear but with my new shape will never be able to again (or I can but shouldn’t!) BUT I now have a few key pieces that I can wear all the time and think I’m finally starting to find my new style. Now I just need to get rid of my eye bags and sort out my hair with some colour!

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