In the summertime when the weather is hot, the tantrums are real and the heads full of snot

Sorry… I know I’ve been rubbish of late. I just cant seem to get caught up. I’ve got so run down and exhausted. We’re away next weekend though so maybe a change of scenery will do the world of good!

Summer has arrived here in the North East. I do love summer time for BBQs, swimming, cold drinks and garden parties. The last few summers have been completely different. The first here in the house was mostly getting settled in the house and wedding prep, the second I was heavily pregnant (my god the heat!!) and then a brand spanking new mum, last one we were figuring out our new roles and celebrating 1st birthdays! This one has come a bit later but the sunshine is a welcome break from the grey rain and wind!

However, the sun does bring the heat and light nights… cue toddler tantrums at EVERYTHING.

New shoes – meltdown. Suncream – meltdown. Hat – OH DEAR GOD MOTHER ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!!!!

Then there is bedtime… too warm to sleep, too light to sleep. Darken the room as far as possible. Put on short PJs. MELTDOWN.

On top of all that Isaac, like Derek and me, has sensitive skin and allergies. His skin is all spotty from the suncream and the sweating. I’m the same. Its a strong look. Then there is the sneezing and snot bubbles. Also same. We’re resembling family of swamp monsters!

Of course all of these negatives are minor when you get to run about in the garden, splash around in the paddling pool, ice cream, swing parks, bbqs. picnics and all the sunshine! I would take all the tantrums for days like that!

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