Baby Brain – when does it get better? Asking for a friend…

Baby brain. I was sceptical to say the least when people said this was a thing. I can now without any hesitation say that I was wrong (note it down people… it doesn’t happen often haha!).

When I was pregnant I slowly started to notice it. I’d start a sentence and forget what I was saying halfway through. I could listen to a question and have forgotten what it was by the time I went to answer. Nothing was safe in my brain.

I thought when Isaac arrived it would be a lot better… if anything at first it was worse. Hormones and lack of sleep meant my brain was just a frazzled mess.

Slowly it has started to improve but even now I have some severe moments where I just can get my brain to recall things! This morning for example I went to pay for something and realised my card wasn’t in my purse…. I’d popped to the shops yesterday and used it but had completely spaced and left it in the pin machine! Thankfully it was handed in. I have only done that twice in my life… once when I was pregnant and then now.

Of course stress, the current heatwave and lack of sleep probably aren’t helping but you know it’s nice to have another excuse for my scatterbrain moments!

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