A whole loada firsts

Hello lovelies. It’s been a long old week and still not caught up but I’m currently nap trapped on the couch watching Yummy Mummies (it’s awful but I’m addicted) so I thought I’d finally get some writing in!

So last weekend was a big one. I’m still recovering! We had a wedding in Somerset and a lot of ‘firsts’.

It was Isaac’s first journey south of the border. He was fab in the car and was so excited to arrive at his uncles in Manchester!

Next big first was Isaac’s first sleepover without mummy and daddy. And the longest we’ve been away from him – 2 whole nights!!! He was a complete star for his uncle and auntie though with only a couple of tantrums! We had an ace time in Somerset… the weather was awesome and wedding was fabulous!

Then we had our first proper grazed knee… just before we left my brothers to head home Isaac ran for the car and tripped. Kisses and cuddles made it all better. Pretty sure it wont be the last one and there will be worse to come!

Unfortunately we had to come home and head back to work… was a stressful week after all the driving. Still only a week to go til two weeks off for my little soldiers 2nd birthday!

Hope everyone is fab xxx

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