Still here… plus 1…

Hello lovely people. Apparently I’ve not written a post since July and only just published it now when I discovered it in my drafts… ironic that the one before was about baby brain šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

So there are reasons I’ve not been writing and here with an update now things are a bit less… chaotic?

First off those who follow me on instagram ( will know the main reason I’ve been quiet of late and that’s because Baby C 2.0 is arriving March 2020!! Codenamed Bean/Beanie. I’ve been very sick and run down this time round chasing after Isaac on top of the usual pregnancy symptoms. I’ve literally been crashing as soon as Isaac is down for the night. Finally now though, 21 nearly 22 weeks, finding a bit more of a balance so hopefully I’ll be here with updates, trials and tribulations of pregnancy with a very active toddler and then of course juggling two tornadoes!

Next up Isaac turned two and has become your typical ‘terrible’ toddler in the process. Tantrums, refusing to listen, wanting to do everything for himself (especially if it gives his mummy the anxieties…). Its a very trying time especially when pregnant and dealing with those stresses. Hes well though and we’re trying to encourage him to learn and be independent albeit safer than hed like (hence the tantrums šŸ˜‚). Channeling some of that energy into sport with rugbytots ( and finding new activities to bring on his speaking some more so hopefully the tantrums will lessen as he communicates better.

Work has also been super busy and I was away in Houston for two weeks, without my boys. This was a first for us and Isaac was a star for his dad and my mother in law. Mummy on the other hand struggled massively because of the time difference and jet lag and early pregnancy. It was a great experience in relation to my job though and got some shopping done and a visit to NASA let me geek out. Just wish I could’ve shared some of it with Isaac. Maybe next time!

So yeah been a busy few months and that’s not even including all the little things that come with life in general. I hope everyone is well. I’ve missed writing and hope there will be a bit more regular posting from now on… I’m still toying with the vlog idea too (except at the moment I look like a permanent fat faced zombie…šŸ§Ÿā€ā™€ļø)


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