Birth Plan?! What Birth Plan?!

In the light of Maternal Mental Health Week I thought I’d write about the one thing I still struggle with mentally since I became a mum. This is a tough one for me… it might not seem as bad as some have it but please remember that pregnancy and birth are very individual and personal […]

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Winging it.

Motherhood. Marriage. Life. I’m winging it… I dont even pretend I know anything. I wish I could be one of those women who have it all together. Instead I’m lucky if I get out the house in one piece. That’s life though. It’s a messy complicated thing. The thing that’s important though is support. You […]

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Self Care: Happy Mum

Self care. It’s important. You have to be selfish once in a while. Since being back at work I’ve struggled to get the balance. The mum guilt building each day as I’m not at home with my precious boy, the stress of work and getting back on top of my game there after 7months away…. […]

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Is it just me? Or…

Ok first official post (who counts the intro?!!)… here it goes… is it just me or are there next to no good parenting groups at the weekends? I’m putting it out there… I’m rubbish at making mum friends, friends in general and would LOVE if there were more groups at the weekend when I’m actually […]

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