Still here… plus 1…

Hello lovely people. Apparently I’ve not written a post since July and only just published it now when I discovered it in my drafts… ironic that the one before was about baby brain 😂😂 So there are reasons I’ve not been writing and here with an update now things are a bit less… chaotic? First […]

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A whole loada firsts

Hello lovelies. It’s been a long old week and still not caught up but I’m currently nap trapped on the couch watching Yummy Mummies (it’s awful but I’m addicted) so I thought I’d finally get some writing in! So last weekend was a big one. I’m still recovering! We had a wedding in Somerset and […]

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I love clothes but I am by no means a dedicated follower of fashion. I know what I like and I know what I dont. Since becoming a mum however I’ve lost my way a bit. My body shape has changed, as well as being a few stone heavier than I’d like, so I’m finding […]

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Ten Little Dinosaurs

‘Ten little dinosaurs hatching from their eggs….’ That line is the first line of Isaac’s current favourite book. Called… you’ll never guess… ‘ten little dinosaurs’. One thing I really looked forward to when I became a mum was reading to my child and teaching them to read. Bedtime stories, trips to the library and scouring […]

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Shopping. With a toddler.

We’re off to a wedding in a few weeks. Really looking forward to it. Isaac’s staying with his uncle so will have a chance to let our hair down. It’s also meant I have an excuse to go shopping for a new outfit, shoes, bag etc! YAY!! I bought a dress online but as my […]

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Taking time for yourself is crucial when you’re surrounded by people all day. Kaia Gerber So going by my posts recently you’ll all know I’ve been so busy and stressed. This last week has been no different and I’m now at a point where I’m just wiped out. I’m not quite burned out but if […]

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Lovely weather

Its June. Where is the sunshine?!!! Yes I’m being very British and talking about the weather but come on wtf?!! I am one of those people who generally dont mind the rain when I can chill on the couch with a blanket, snacks and cheesy tv/film. I also dont mind going out for an walk […]

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It’s time for the chop

FINALLY!! I finally got booked into the hairdressers yesterday. It’s been a good few months since my last haircut! I have really thick hair. Like ridiculously thick. This is both a blessing and a burden. When my hair gets to long its unruly. I cannot do a thing with it. It’s been in a mum […]

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