This weekend we moved Isaac into his ‘big boy’ bed. The most recent of his milestones. I’ve been really lucky despite being out of the house most of the week in that I haven’t missed any of the big ones. His first giggle, his first word, rolling over, crawling, the first taste of food, the […]

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Tattooed Mum

“Technically, all tattoos are temporary, even permanent ones.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana I love tattoos. I have 4 so far and plans for many more. Each one means something to me. Once I’m done having kids I’m going to get a final large one though and call it a day…. maybe. People always say ‘oh what […]

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Trial run #1

So as you may or may not have seen, I went away last weekend for a hen party for a wonderful friend. Derek and me dropped Isaac off at nursery on Friday morning and then I flew down south and didn’t return til after midnight on the Sunday. This was the longest I’ve been away […]

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Just keep swimming

Exercise. Ugh. I’ve never enjoyed exercising apart from swimming. I’ve tried multiple things; PT, HIIT, zumba, online videos…. I can only conclude I dont like it. However… I do love the feeling I get afterwards and want to get to the gym as often as possible (usually rare at the moment with work commitments!). It […]

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A Relaxing Child Free Day…

What is that?! Derek and me live away from most of our family/support. Therefore we rarely get child free time together (or separately for that matter as its usually only working in the free time!). So you’d think that when we are sans Isaac we’d have all the time to do stuff, relax, nap… except […]

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What I’ve Learned…

Raising Kids is part joy and part Guerilla Warfare– Ed Asner There are lots of things I’ve learned as a mum. I could list them all. The main one is no matter what… the minute you think you have it all figured out…. your kid will change the playing field, the game, the rules…. Never […]

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A day in the life… (mum’s)

5am-6am: Mummy, daddy… its your wake up call. Let me tell you all about the night. Snoring from hubs continues until the crying and shouting starts and he gets an elbow to the ribs. 6:05am: Work alarm goes. *hit snooze* 6:35am: Drag myself out of bed. Get ready for the day, sort out the boys […]

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Hubs and Me: A Partnership

Derek and me met at a Halloween Party. I only knew one person so was a bit quiet. I’m not very good at house parties. Derek was the loudest person there and made the effort to talk to me. I found him funny and cute. I had no idea what he was dressed up as. […]

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Sleep when the baby sleeps…

I hate that expression. I hated it even more when I became a mum. Isaac never napped during the day. He would sleep well at night (bonus!) but during the day he had a serious case of FOMO. People used to say ‘oh you’re so lucky he sleeps’ Yes I was but here’s the thing […]

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